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Open access

Open access

The Phronesis Open Access works as; firstly the author original version will submitted to the publisher followed by the peer review process and returns the reviewer annotations. The publisher will send the annotations to the author and he/she will edit the manuscript. Accepted version will be published on the journal website. Readers, scholars, researches, professors, etc. can download, copy, read, search, print and link the PDF/Full text of the required article via internet. Open Access eradicates subscriptions/payments, pay-per-view. The usage is designed for the legitimate perseverance, without mercantile, permitted, or methodological barriers. Open Access is free of cost but not allowed to patent of certifying limitations. Open Access, after the moment of its initiation into the modern digital world, it has changed the segment of research. With its own way of benefit of free ease of access, Open Access gained interest of millions of scholars to publish their articles. Another major benefit of open access is the ability to get utmost viewership for the most deserved research among their respective fields. Digital availability of research has been the most easily accessible way for Open Access platforms.

The Open Access manuscripts are high in quality assurance and good scientific fiction. They inspire academics/scholarship beneficiaries to publish their effort agreeing to the moralities of the open access standard. Open Access supports to increase the citation endorses global collaboration, author recalls manipulation privileges, assistances for digital manuscript and long time accessibility of the research articles/manuscripts. With the growing number of scientific enthusiasts and readers by a large margin, the efficiency of open access publishing has witnessed a confident impact. Phronesis carries the vision to present the authentic free-to-view scientific literature to the scientific community.

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