About Journal

Chemical Research Insights is an open access, peer reviewed, quarterly based journal that highly enhances the dissemination of research on Chemistry and its related research topics from all the parts of the world. The journal provides an a unique forum for scientists, students, professors, researchers etc. to present their excellence in the form of research articles, review articles, mini reviews, perspectives, short communications, case reports etc. on Chemical research. It follows double-blind peer review process and every article is reviewed by minimum two to three reviewers for an unbiased evaluation of the articles, so that to put forth the genuine research into open access.

The journal also facilitates the chemical research and aims to publish papers if and only if they are technically correct and scientifically related or motivated from any of the field in chemical research. It mainly focuses on Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Analytical Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Supramolecular and macromolecular chemistry, Nano-chemistry, Chemical Biology, Neurochemistry, Chemistry of Natural products, Environmental Chemistry, Fullerene chemistry, Biophysical chemistry, Organometallics and all other core and applied disciplines of Chemical sciences. This journal is an international open access, online, peer reviewed journal and its scope is NOT confined or constricted to the boundary of any country or region.

Publication Standards and Ethics: The publication of an article in an ethical way directly reflects the quality work of the author/their group and their institutions that supports them. The quality publication of an article in an open access journal is a coherent development in the community of scientific knowledge. Peer review process exemplifies and supports the scientific method of Open Access publishing. Therefore, Publication Ethics is a very important tool for an author who resembles in the scientific community. Peer review in an ethical part of scientific community in the publishing field, where it guarantees the validity of the manuscript. In this the reviewers are the experts who volunteer their time to help improve the manuscripts they review.
         Hence, Phronesis DOES NOT charge any PROCESSING FEE; it charges only the PUBLICATION FEE to maintain the article in two different formats such as HTML and PDF for future reference purposes for years together.